Universal Ratchet Tie Down 100kg/750kg Custom

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  • Universal Ratchet Tie Down 100kg/750kg
  • Universal Ratchet Tie Down 100kg/750kg
  • Universal Ratchet Tie Down 100kg/750kg

Universal Ratchet Tie Down 100kg/750kg

The adjustable load capacity feature of this product gives it wide applicability and flexibility. Users can choose the appropriate load capacity based on specific needs, whether they are securing light cargo or medium-weight cargo, ensuring that the cargo is securely fastened to the vehicle. This flexibility not only brings convenience, but also saves money and storage space, making it a practical and cost-effective tethering device.

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  • Item No. Webbing Width Standard Length:
    TY011033 25mm 3m
    TY011034 25mm 3m

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NingBo Jiangdong Tianye Rigging Co,Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing quality lashing, lifting, and rigging products in China. Our company nearby beautiful sea port-Ningbo, where has convenient transportation, and wella good industries environment. We have own factory to do various products.

Our main products including ratchet lashing, cargo straps, and webbing sling. round sling, endless slings, shackles, chains, lifting clamps, hoists, and some tools, etc..Specialized, since 2009 in the production of a comprehensive range of flat lifting slings, cargo straps, one-way slings, and endless round slings, which are all marketed under the famous brand name.

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